Project Description

Light Beer

What few beer drinkers know, is the quality light beer is incredibly difficult to brew. The slightest irregularity is glaring to the taste buds since there’s little to mask any defects. “Light beer is a brewer’s beer.” Mastering the delicate flavours and aromas of this thirst-quencher requires a remarkable level of brewing skill and precision.

The water must be uttermost pristine and the malt of the highest quality to produce each ounce of this straw-coloured liquid. The elements are beautifully balanced and there are no faults.

Tastes great! Less filling! Genuinely refreshing!

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ALC BY VOL: 4.0%

IBU: 12

YEAST: European Lager Yeast

MALT: Canadian 2 Row Malt

EXTRA: Corn Glucose

HOPS: Herkules, Hallertau-Tradition