Project Description


The very first Oktoberfest was on October 12th, 1810. It was the wedding celebration of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. All of Munich’s citizens were invited to this happy royal event in a big festival on the local fairgrounds. Today, the Oktoberfest is an important part of the Bavarian culture and held year after year now being the largest 16-day beer festival in the world. An extraordinary beer is brewed for this special occasion. Oktoberfest beer is a Marzen style, coppery in colour and full-bodied with a malt-accented finish and a milk hop profile. It exits with a final dryness. Enjoy this masterpiece of Bavarian brewing tradition all year round.

ALC BY VOL: 5.5%

IBU: 20

YEAST: European Lager Yeast

MALT: Canadian 2 Row Malt, Vienna Malt, Munich Malt

HOPS: Dana, Hersbrucker