Project Description

Vienna Lager

Brewed exclusively with 100% Barke Vienna Malt from the renowned Weyermann Malting Company in Germany. Barke two-row, spring barley is a variety that is being superseded by newer varieties due to it’s lower yield, despite it offering superior taste and bang-up brewing qualities, especially for artisanal beers. Only a few very small malting companies still make malt from Barke barley. Weyermann now being one of them, recently launched this highly sought-after vintage malt for craft-brewers. Barke Vienna malt contributes a rich – intense and deep malty sweet flavour with gentle notes of honey and nuts (almond, hazelnut). The process to make Vienna style malt requires it to be kiln dried at a higher temperature than pale malt, creating a full-bodied, deep golden coloured, smooth tasting beer. We pride ourselves to be the first and only Canadian craft-brewery to brew with Barke Malt.

“The malt for authentic lagers!” – Weyermann

Vienna Lager

ALC BY VOL: 5.5%

IBU: 24

YEAST: European Lager Yeast

MALT: Weyermann Barke Vienna Malt

HOPS: Herkules, German Perle