Project Description


Legend holds that in 1840 a monk smuggled some newly discovered precious lager yeast out of Bavaria to Plzen in Czechoslovakia. He tried to brew a different type of beer, unlike anyone ever brewed before, using lightly kilned malt, noble hops varieties as well as very soft local water.

When he tapped his first cask, he saw a beer different than anyone else in the world had seen before him: The colour of straw, it was light and clear. One could see right through it to the other side of the Bohemian crystal glass. Still cool from the lagering tunnels, this was a surprisingly refreshing beer, not dark and heavy like the ales that he was used to: Pilsner-beer was born!

Straw-coloured, radiant, and with an aroma that screams “Pils”.
Some refer to it as “Liquid Gold”!


ALC BY VOL: 5.0%

IBU: 28

YEAST: European Lager Yeast

MALT: Canadian 2 Row Malt, Melanoidin Malt

HOPS: Nugget, Saaz