Domestic Lager


Domestic Lager Canada is famous around the world for its spectacular nature, hockey, high quality - golden prairie barley malt, and a long tradition of brewing champion lager beers. The Domestic Lager is an easy drinking, crisp premium lager with true Canadian taste that delivers the perfect balance of sweetness with a slightly hoppy

Dry Beer


Dry Beer Dry beer is the evolution of modern brewing technology. It was originally derived from a style of highly-attenuated Pilsner beer brewed in Germany. A drier and less hoppy version was then perfected by brewmasters in Japan and quickly gained popularity all over the world. Dry Beer is characterized by its crisp bite,

European Lager


European Lager This Munich style "Helles" is a true "Session Beer", meaning a beer you can adequately quaff and that tends to stick with you for the rest of the evening. Golden coloured, with a slightly apparent malty honey-like sweetness and medium body. Crisp bitterness, refreshing and highly drinkable. You could drink this all

Indian Pale Ale


Indian Pale Ale Originally formulated in the late 18th century for export. Strongly-hopped and higher in alcohol allowed it to survive the long voyage from England to India and was highly regarded among its consumers there. Little did he brewers back then realize, they created one of the most popular craft beer styles of

Light Beer


Light Beer What few beer drinkers know, is the quality light beer is incredibly difficult to brew. The slightest irregularity is glaring to the taste buds since there's little to mask any defects. "Light beer is a brewer's beer." Mastering the delicate flavours and aromas of this thirst-quencher requires a remarkable level of brewing

Old Country Lager


Old Country Lager Richly malty and long on the palate. The caramel flavour of this copper coloured beer is in equilibrium with a range of floral, citrus and herbal hop notes and capped by a clean bitterness. This balance of flavours makes the Old Country Lager quite versatile as a food pairing option, not

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